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R&A Rules Ltd
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Jan 2013
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BASED ON THE 2012 RULES - Golf Rules in Action is an R&A produced DVD that explains and demonstrates the basic Rules of the game using footage from top-level tournaments and involving some of the world's best golfers. Watch Woods, Els, Mickelson, Garcia, Harrington, Faldo and a host of others, as the DVD takes you through the fundamental Rules. Playing the ball as it lies, obstructions, water hazards, lost ball, provisional ball, unplayable ball and lots more are covered in a way that makes it simple to understand the basic Rules. The DVD also features a Padraig Harrington film about etiquette, extended coverage of more complex Rules incidents, discussion of the 2012 Rules between David Rickman (R&A Executive Director of Rules and Equipment Standards) and Thomas Pagel (USGA Senior Director, Rules of Golf & Amateur Status) and a short 20 question quiz on the Rules of Golf.


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